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North Carolina vs One Man’s Private Property

North Carolina vs One Man’s Private Property

Are government officials upset that someone can survive without them? Thirty years ago, Eustace Conway bought 100 acres in North Carolina with a vision of a self-sufficient, simpler life style. Turtle Island Preserve became his home and livelihood, with income earned by teaching eager groups self-dependence using nothing but the land and their wits. He lives simply without the need for a single government subsidy, program, or hand out. The now 1000 acre settlement is a working, educational farm, with every building and facility made from materials and often forgotten skills once utilized by our pioneering ancestors. This lost art of survival, and simple living is alluring to many in a culture that is consumed with materialism and dependence on the government.

Eustace Conway demonstrates the art of blacksmithing to Maria Montes, Rhett Taylor, 9, and his mom, Julie Taylor at Turtle Island Preserve

However, last September, the  Watauga County Planning Department cited several health and sanitary violations in Conway’s encampment. After decades of operating Turtle Island Preserve, suddenly the mountain man is a threat to public safety and welfare! He has been told to cease and desist with public camps until the buildings are torn down or rebuilt with the violations rectified.

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