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Citizens Newswire 7/21/13

Citizens Newswire 7/21/13
Citizens Newswire 20130721
A Little Humor To Start Your Day
Defend Rural America
o frogs & toads – The USFWS sent out a press release announcing a 120-day extension to the frogs & toads comment period.
o Benghazi attack – Survivors forced to sign non-disclosure agreements!?!? (Kevin M)
o immigration – How to destroy America, a 2003? speech by former governor Richard Lamm. link-1link-2
o smart meters – Informative website & downloads. (Judy T)
The Citizens Newswire was started in 2010 as an alternative to the self-proclaimed “mainstream media”―more accurately called Pravda West, created by the banking elites to create public support for globalized Communism. By contrast, CN provides news and views gained from the People at large. Each issue is a digest of useful topics with links to the sources. CN is a volunteer effort, provided free of charge, and without advertising. Publication is sporadic, based on availability of time and research, and averages less than one a week. You can unsubscribe at any time―use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email, and your unique password (provided in the original welcome message).

“We either restore local government, or submit to global governance.”―Kirk MacKenzie, 2013


Regards, Kirk MacKenzie
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