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(Reposted with permission of the author, David Leigh)

In an ideal framework for commercial exchange, the relationship between employer, employee, customer, shareholder and stake holder should enable full accountability and measure its successes by the overall improvement of the living standards and living environments for all. But the present structure of the pyramid of control actively facilitates the accumulation of vast swathes of resource, both human and worldly that comes to reside in the hands of the most avaricious and duplicitous of individuals or institutions.

Shareholders, whether knowingly or unwittingly become the parasites that feed from the human resource and the populace. They are rarely if ever held to account for the crimes that they sponsor and some significantly notorious individuals over the past few years have shown themselves to be not only devoid of compassion, but so far removed from reality that they can justify business activities that will come to harm millions of not billions of innocent people.

The legacy that I see, is a system that has long since forgotten the simple natural laws that can be found embedded within almost all good folk and because of its two fold sickness, the pursuit of monetary profit for self aggrandisement and overly bloated egos of avaricious intent and the all too evident corruption that is increasingly exposed with the second and more deadly fraud of a global system of banking and finance the likes of which are bringing a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportion.

To all intents and purposes, the psychopathic so called leaders have risen and the mutual duty enshrined as the foundation for all law is flouted. This roman system and its banking cartels have wrought multiple atrocities throughout our histories and the time must surely have come, for an evolution and elevation of consciousness to recognise the terminal nature of present day global business.

If I were to intentionally entrap or enslave another, or knowingly cause harm, would I not be just another common criminal. Yet slavery is embedded within the present system along with entrapment and all the abuses that those with venal inclinations pursue.

If moral leadership is the way ahead, then the first officers of commerce that should be ejected from the corridors of power, are those that through their actions have demonstrably failed to adhere to those simple and ancient laws.

Many people now call for a change and readily (from these islands at least), recognise how inverted the commercial and ecclesiastical (read legal) laws are driving our societies and communities. The very word compass is after all embedded in compassion, for without it this world will so quickly descend into bedlam, where even family members will turn against one another out of the desperate need to retain a modicum of security.

Thus the destruction of all ancient wise traditions is all but guaranteed and along with it, the garden and all that dwells within it. It is time dear reader to either dispense with being human and become even more barbaric, or to return to the nurturing and caring guardians of this place and one another that I hope you see within yourself.

In the words of a mother whose child was recently murdered by those controlling the political and global agenda “I am no longer prepared to accept the things I cannot change and will do all I can to change those things I cannot accept”.

The illusion of debt and the abuse of the public trust will if allowed to further its malignant agendas, come to destroy all that has been built. Given that all businesses are registered and that the banks have been shown to have become too powerful, we should now remove from their clutches the power to create debt.

Nothing is impossible, look up the Bradbury Pound and lets put those seeking to be demigods into the pit from which they have emerged. We do not need leaders of such callous disregard, nor those that have had their perceptions distorted away from the truth.

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